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What is Creative Queue?
How will Creative Queue help me grow my business?
Will Creative Queue make me more competitive?
How much time will Creative Queue save me?
Is Creative Queue different than project management software?
How can I access Creative Queue?
How can my team use Creative Queue?
How does collaboration work in Creative Queue?
Can Creative Queue help me scale my content operations?
How is Creative Queue an organizational game changer?
How will Creative Queue integrate with my current workflow? 
How will Creative Queue improve my creative decision-making?
How does Creative Queue enhance team collaboration?
Who on my team will use Creative Queue?
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What does Creative Queue do?

Creative Queue empowers E-Commerce teams to streamline their editorial content planning, and unlock the production of  high-performing content at  scale.

How does it improve my team's process?

‍Unlike decks + spreadsheets, Creative Queue is built to allow teams to build customizable workflows for every project.

This allows teams to collaborate more effectively and easily track their Looks, Shots and Assets through reviews, approvals and production with minimal friction.

How does it improve teams productivity?

Creative Queue improves productivity by centralizing the all data and process for campaigns or productions into flexible and collaborative workspaces.

Automation and batch processing in these workspaces allows teams to build and maintain nuanced campaigns 10x faster than traditional tools.

What documents / tools does it replace?

Creative Queue replaces all the Slide Decks/Spreadsheets/documents that are traditionally used to manage Campaign Planning, Styling and Production.

How is it different from my Project Management or PIM solution?

Creative Queue:
Tracks the individual Assets, Shots, Looks that make up campaigns – Built to make sure Creatives, Marketers, and Merchandisers produce impactful content at scale. 

Project Management: 
Tracks high level milestones across active projects – Built to help Producers and Project Managers keep teams on schedule and on budget. 

The centralized repository for your product data – Built to help manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers eliminate product data inaccuracies.

How much time will my team save? 

All team-members focused on the bringing campaigns to life can generally expect to save 30-40 hours per month with Creative Queue
The exact time savings depend on the volume and complexity of your specific workflow – The more more complex a workflow is, the larger your compounding benefits will be.

What kind of work can I do? 

1. Roadmap Campaigns + Content Spots
2. Build Creative plans
3. Perform reviews / collect feedback
4. Track approvals
5. Perform quality control
7. Gather metadata

and more...

What kind of assets can I manage? 

1. Fashion Looks
2. Photo / Video Shot-Lists
3. Lists of Deliverables
4. Guidelines for Products or Brands
5. Marketing Stories
6. Content Spots
7. Distribution Channels
and more...

Who on my team benefit? 

Art Directors, Styling Directors, Editorial Directors, Brand Directors can map out creative plans quickly and accurately for others to review.

Creative Directors, CMOs, CFOs can review creative plans and determine if they are worth investing in.

Creatives, Designers, Copywriters and other can track their progress as they create individual assets.
Marketers and Merchandisers can see what assets are available for distribution across  their marketing and sales touch-points.

Does it replace my existing workflow?

This is totally dependent on your needs...

You can use Creative Queue as an end-to-end solution or utilize it to enhance existing processes.

Does my entire team need to be using Creative Queue?

Not at all – Some companies find that Creative Queue is the most useful when only specific stakeholders or teams are the primary users.

Where can I access it?

Creative Queue is accessible from the Chrome Browser on any Desktop Computer or Tablet.

How does collaboration work?

Leads can create projects and can share them with internal team members or freelancer workers for collaborative work.

Read / Edit access can be updated by the project owner at any time.