Our Mission:
Transform Creative Work

The Creative Queue Origin Story

Creative Queue was founded in 2019 by Adrian Nugent-Head and Brandon Aviram - two long-time creative agency leaders frustrated by the lack of workflow tools tailored to creative team needs.

After years helping brands produce content, they were tired of piecing together inefficient systems like spreadsheets and email that made asset management, approvals, and team coordination extremely painful.

When the global pandemic caused massive industry disruptions, Adrian and Brandon saw an opportunity to reimagine broken creative workflows. They set out to build a platform placing creativity first - not imposing structure but providing just enough to allow imagination to thrive.

Drawing from real pain points faced at their agency, Adrian and Brandon designed Creative Queue specifically for modern creative teams. The goal was simple: Equip brilliant humans to do brilliant work.

Our Guiding Ethos
The Creative Queue mission is to build technology that augments creativity rather than restricts it.

Our values:
Creativity First: We optimize workflows to liberate creativity, not impose structure.
Radical Empathy: We take a human-centric approach focused on needs not just data.
Partnership: We support customers like allies, not vendors.
Intuitive Design: Usability comes first, complexity second.
Flexible Systems: Our technology conforms to creative work, not the reverse.

This people-centered ethos makes our platform more than a tool - it's a creative partner for growth.

Meet Our Team
Our diverse team combines creative and technical prowess:

Adrian Nugent-Head, Co-Founder
Brandon Aviram, Co-Founder

Ziad Saab, Senior Developer
Henry Millison, Lead UX Developer

Ittai Korman, Growth Lead

Together we offer robust experience in creative leadership, product design, engineering, and growth marketing. Our superpower is a blend of creative intuition and technical execution.

Our Commitment to You
We don't just build software - we forge partnerships:

Ongoing support, training, and guidance tailored to your needs
Actively seeking and integrating customer feedback
Rapid iteration and improvement driven by real-world insights
Developing new capabilities fueled by the creativity of our users
We are in this for the long haul to help your team thrive.

Our shared goal is transforming creative work for the better. We can't wait to partner with you!

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